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On The Road

ON THE ROAD is all about life being a journey. ‘On The Road’ intends to bring a journey of music to combine with your journey of life.

A client once said to me ‘Cor drumming really adds a whole other dimension to life doesn’t it!’ And I would most certainly agree!

Discover what your musical journey might look like and share Steve’s journey ‘on the road’ simultaneously.




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Music as therapy

Music has long been known for its fantastic therapeutic effects. Whether taking part physically and playing an instrument or just sitting back, listening and enjoying all that music has to offer, there is no doubt that music has enormously positive cognitive and emotional effects on both us during in the moment and also throughout the longer term and duration of our lives.

Learning to play drums can be great for your mental health in many ways:

  • It’s a great way to burn off energy and relieve stress, say from a busy work life.
  • It helps enhance focus and discipline.
  • It provides a new dimension to life, bringing excitement, fun and adventure within a new found passion.
  • Music is very effective in helping us to process, deal with and express our feelings and emotions, especially during challenging times.

The idea of music is that it’s a friend – a companion to join us through the ups and downs of life. It’s a new world to explore, that seemingly only gets bigger the further you dive into it. It makes us feel better and soothes us when we’re struggling, and celebrates with us when we’re triumphing.

Whether a new found hobby or a life long passion, I always maintain the view that music should always, always be fun!


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