Drummers who’ve been playing for a few years but feel stuck, confused or frustrated, this is for you

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Ebook Value: £37 X

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This Unique 4 Week Course & Ebook Reveals A Quick Way To Play Drums Creatively To A High Level

Here's what you'll find in Creativity With Drumming:

* Your shortcut to playing rudiments and rhythms creatively around the drum kit – Today!

* Stop getting frustrated and stuck with no progress trying to play drums creatively to a high level

* How to drum excellently – No experience required!

* Quickly apply the rudiments and rhythms you already know, creatively around the drum kit… even if you have no clue how to begin

* Find the easy steps to use rudiments and rhythms within your playing to drum more creatively

* Eliminate needless stress over drumming creatively – For Good!

creativity with drumming course content:

week 1

'Learning the basics'

Step 1 outline

6 stroke roll: snare

6 stroke roll: toms & snare


practical tasks

week 2

'Applying to cymbals'

Step 2 outline

6 stroke roll: cymbals 

rhythm: cymbals 

practical tasks

week 3

'applying around the kit'

Step 3 outline

6 stroke roll: Toms / Snare & cymbals 

rhythm: Toms / snare & cymbals 

practical tasks

week 4

'implement within your playing'

Step 4 outline

6 stroke roll: groove & musicality 

rhythm: groove & musicality

practical tasks